West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Just beyond Hollywood, you find the glitz and glamour of the city’s most prestigious areas, such as West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. This is the part of the city that best embodies the stylish images that arise when you think of Los Angeles. It has oodles of high-end restaurants and boutiques and the place where you will most likely catch a glimpse of an A-list celebrity. West Hollywood is much more culturally diverse than its neighbor, Beverly Hills, and the prices are a bit easier to swallow. Here you will find the Sunset Strip, high-end art galleries, and some of L.A.’s hippest and unique boutique hotels.

Where to stay

Chateau Marmont
Petit Ermitage
Palihouse West Hollywood
Farmer’s Daughter
The Charlie West Hotel

Where to eat

Connie and Ted’s
The Church Key
The Hudson
Irv’s Burgers

Where to imbibe

Surly Goat
Tower Bar
On The Rox
The Roger Room
Pearl’s Rooftop
Loreley Biergarten

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