Boulder, Colorado

On the first day I moved to Boulder, I picked up a brochure and on the front it read, “Boulder: a little town nestled between the mountains and reality”. During the time I lived there, I found this statement to be irrefutable. Though, perhaps a few more description words such as, eclectic, ambitious or layered would have fit in well with the narrative. Boulder is strikingly beautiful and its inhabitants are almost cult-ish about its protection, though rightfully so.

It is home to the University of Colorado and almost half of its 100,000 inhabitants are students. The other half are climbers, hikers, bikers, and avid outdoorsmen there to reap the benefits of its natural outdoor playground. Its proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park, Denver and all the ski slopes is simply a bonus.

The first time I moved to Boulder, I was a hippie attending the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. The second time, I was a yuppy working for the City’s Department of Comprehensive Planning and Sustainability as a City Planner. Different outfits, same outlook. Boulder is an incredible place to be if you are well versed in worldly issues and love spending your time outdoors. It has an urban feel, despite its surroundings and natural predators such as mountain lions, black bears and rattlesnakes. People keep to themselves in Boulder a bit more than other cities I have lived in, but they eventually warm and can become lifelong friends.   If you are thinking of adding Boulder to your bucket list, I can certainly recommend it.  Just don’t forget your hiking shoes and Camelback!

Here is a link to some of Boulder’s top Attractions !

My recommendations on…

Where to Eat

The Buff (hands down the best breakfast place on the planet)
The Kitchen
Brasserie Ten Ten
The Sink
Mountain Sun
The West End Tavern
Sushi Zanmai (personal favorite)

Where to Imbibe

Walnut Brewery
Avery Brewing Company
Dark Horse
No Name Bar
The Sink (mostly a college bar)
The Bitter Bar
Pearl Street Pub and Cellar
Bohemian Biergarten

Reading List

Best Boulder Region Hiking Trails by Bette Erickson
Boulder: A Sense of Time & Place Revisited by Silvia Pettem
History of Clear Creek and Boulder Valleys, Colorado by OL Baskin and Company


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